The Fundación Colegio Bilingue de Valledupar is an educational institution that throughout its excellent path has been known for forming critical students, leaders in both social and academical fields, inculcating in them a special likeness for science and technology, areas that have evolved in a notorious way thanks to the continuous implementation of different pedagogic strategies and support that contribute to an high level of learning in students.

Constant endowment and upgrades of the physics, biology and chemistry laboratories in the institution allows us to strengthen the infrastructure of the lab equipment for an adequate development of teaching and investigating of natural sciences, increasing the coverage of practical units in the curriculum, the capacity of the basic academical units and the investigation groups.

Throughout the school year many events take place that give a unique approach to the student and the application of concepts to different areas of knowledge. For example:

Earth day: A pedagogic visit is made to the environmental school where the students receive a small talk with the purpose of exposing them to the importance, preservation and adequate use of natural resources and the protection of the environment, especially how to take care and preserve water.

Science Fair: Every year the science fair enlarges its impact in the population, beginning with demonstrations and presentations from the younger grades. We have the help of the fire department and the presentation of the National Army with a large demonstration of the applications of science in the many fields in this institution.

For our work, it is very gratifying to guide students to adopt a scientific attitude towards living beings and natural phenomenon that can make them question some aspects of nature, interact with it, experiment and interpret the answers that it gives to them. We also wish to contribute to the forming of critical, creative, and protagonists in their learnings, where the teacher is the generator of values, principles and attitudes in their students.