Profile of the bilingüista student

Among the principles, Policy and Quality Objectives of Bilingual College of Valledupar, Foundation, the bilingual student will be the protagonist of his or her learning, with initiative, common sense, analytical, critical and creative thinking; the internalization of values such as respect, honesty and service to the community allow them to be responsible, committed and caring citizens; guided by the ability to discuss and solve problems. That self-direction, effort, perseverance, motivation and teamwork enable them to train as leaders capable of achieving welfare and excellence for their lives through the development of their talents within a multicultural, pluralistic and technologically advanced society.

The Bilingual Student:

  • Must have good manners. They must be known for their good manners, superb personal presentation and positive attitude.
  • Has with pride their uniform as a symbol of belonging to the institution.
  • Is the best child, best friend now, to be the best parent and better citizen tomorrow.
  • Has integrity, empathy, respects differences, tolerance, and is comprehensive.
  • Begins each day new and positive for the benefit of themselves, their family, the school, and society.
  • Never uses force, whose weapons will always be reason, common sense, honesty, and dialogue to find solutions to problems.
  • Lives happily under the greatness of their dreams, the respect they feel for life, for the truth that they speak, and the values that they take with them, and the destiny that they forge.
  • Makes studying their course, freedom and justice their only desire.
  • Is prepared to work for a country that they love, Colombia, and fight for its social, cultural, and economic liberty.
  • Works together and enthusiastically in civic, social, and cultural activities because they are a virtuous young person that understand the needs of others.