The values that positively contribute to the personal enrichments and allows us to find reasons for our actions are to make decisions and resolve problems. This must be done from a very young age. This has been the primary objective of the primary team: to improve the academic performance of the boys and girls, we are conscious that healthy relations between disciplined children makes for a better academic environment. For this reason, during this year we will continuing reinforcing the Value Program, developing activities like Person of the Week, holding assemblies where we will talk about values and celebrate special dates, each grade will be assigned an animal with a value represented, and play traditional games during recess with the understanding that the games help to establish interpersonal relationships. We know that the boys and girls of primary are very happy enjoying themselves in their new park.

Working coherently with the Value Program, and with our beautiful motto “Human Quality and Social Commitment”, we continue with the social program that we call “My Life, My World”, sponsoring different foundations that are dedicated to help better the quality of life for many homeless and needy children around the city.

Working as a team, by grade, our kids are active participants in different playful, cultural, and educational activities with the collection of clothes, toys, books, food and etc. in a way that reflects mutual help, where we make our kids become united human beings, more committed to a dignified life and a better world.

Other programs executed in our section include the successful “Ecology Project” where the children constantly are receiving educational talks about taking care of our natural resources whilst giving special importance to the reuse of disposable plastic bottles used throughout the college. These bottles are later used for decoration, costumes, wallets, Christmas gifts, toys, among other things. As both a close to the project and price, the students of primary are taken to the Escuela Ambiental de Valledupar to both explore the space and interact with the environment.

As a result of the Value Program, it was noticed that one of the factors that most effects academic performance of the children is the atmosphere at home. For this reason, we will continue supporting the appropriate family ties towards person of the week, where students will go home with their poster and corresponding value and work with their families. Later on, the student will share his or her work with their classmates and all the work that they did.

For the purely academic, we are very pleased with the excellent results of the Pruebas Saber of both 3rd and 5th grades. We have increased the level of the students to the Superior level in these tests.

Communication between professors and parents has been very beneficial for the children. Whether that method is the Phideas Platform, Learning Center, homework from classes guided by professors, the receptivity of parents and the request for an external intervention, therapies, tutors, and advice given by School Orientation and the Academic Coordinator, we have increased successful communication.