The Math Area’s purpose is to increase the student’s abilities to do math with both tools that allow them to confront a reality and also the ability see the possible solutions and situations as they present themselves.

The area advances these processes that reinforce reason and logical thought, facilitate approaching daily situations and solutions by way of a dynamic and active participation in class using games and bettering the results of the Saber Test.

Math is part of all of us and has been a human activity from the beginning of times. Math allows students to better appreciate this cultural legend and apply it in a new perspective, as many human achievements have contributed to society by this method.

We organize many activities in this department such as the Math Rally, which is an annual school competition. The objective is to involve the students in mathematical activities with varying degrees of difficulty in accordance with each grade level and implement a cooperative, fun, and safe learning environment between students.

The Math Rally helps those that have difficulty with math reconstruct a base that allows them to be on par with their classmates.  For those students that learn at a faster pace, this helps them reach to levels even more advanced and achieve mathematical success.