Fundación Colegio of Valledupar has experienced significant changes in all areas of school and educational life of the institution during the last few years. The expansion of the preschool classrooms, changing the English program and the commitment of the teaching staff with the school’s vision and its teaching methodologies have strengthened the English level of students even more.

In Language Arts, starting from kindergarten through high school, various extracurricular events are held which nowadays let our school standout and are considered important events where students practice and demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the use of English. These events are:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Love & Friendship Day
  • Christmas Show
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • English Speaking Cultures Fair

The institution evaluates students and their skills with various national and international tests and exams, such as MAP (Measures of Academic Progress), Cambridge Test, and Pruebas SABER.

All these activities help students build self-esteem, encourage critical thinking and experience and meet socio-cultural aspects. This always guided by teachers who are committed to the education of our students.