Artistic education uses all areas of the brain and has become a fundamental part of support and help for all processes of learning.

For this reason, in our school, alumni have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills and abilities using the Art Area. This area is where they receive classes of music, plastic art, and continue to develop in their preferred extracurricular classes.

Behind the practice of painting, music, dance, theatre, and the stimulation of the senses and development of artistic sensibility of the world around them; their self-esteems increase, they work in teams, they develop their own personal mark and share their artistic abilities.

We have chorus, orchestra, dance class, painting expositions, and a place for our students to express their emotions as they are. Chorus and orchestra are involved with other events such as, MUN, Sports Day, School’s Birthday, Mother’s Day celebrations, Christmas Show, Art exposition, and various other forms throughout the year. They are responsible for beautifying our school with an artistic and educative edge.

The art department, besides all of these activities, stimulates other areas of the school as well by raising self-esteem, working in a team, and as guided by capable professors, leave class well prepared and committed to an integral education.